There is business.  And there is data-driven business.

There are decisions. And there are evidence-based decisions. The first got you here. But it is the second that will allow you to thrive. With forecasts that half of today’s FTSE 500 will not exist in ten year’s time, it is only through rapid adoption of data and analytics that organisations can compete and survive.

Because they are game-changers. With governed, managed and accessible customer data at its heart, your organisation can market, perform, assess and innovate better and more quickly than its competitors. 

By creating a connected data  eco-system across internal data assets, compliant third-party sources and digital routes to market, your brand can engage effectively and profitably right along the customer journey.
DataIQ Summit 2018 identifies the success factors that turn data and analytics investments from cost centres into value-driving, business as usual resources that support customer-facing functions, like marketing and CRM, and business-critical decision points, from finance and risk to service and R&D. 
Come and learn from the industry leaders and ensure that your organisation makes the switch-up and stays ahead and in business

This year our key themes for the summit will include:

  • Skilling up for the data revolution
  • Getting the board on-board
  • Data analyst or data scientist? - seeing through the hype to find the right hire
  • Chief data officers as data technologists - understanding the new data and analytics technology landscape

Who attends?

The DataIQ Summit attracts a range of professionals with one thing in common: they are all striving to optimise their use of data within their organisations. With over 250 attendees last year, the DataIQ Summit continues to be a source of learning, networking and inspiration for the data-driven community.