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The benefits associated with an single customer view (SCV) seem obvious but many businesses fail to deliver on the promise due to underlying data quality issues. This whitepaper gives 5 top tips to get your CRM programme back on track.
Third parties can be the great unknown in data governance . They are often at the root of quality, security and compliance problems with data. The Ponemon Institute has reported that security breaches involving third parties account for a third of all data breaches. This white paper details 4 steps that you can take to help ensure that your 3rd party data relationships are safe.
Gathering and managing customer and prospect preferences should now feature as a key business priority.This white paper addresses 5 common problematic areas of preference management with practical recommendations for avoidance.  
This directors' briefing provides an easy to digest summary of the risks from poor data management practice and the benefits of moving to disciplined  data management practises. It also provides a proven approach to measure how good, bad or even ugly your organisation's data management capability really is, and how to improve it.
This directors’ briefing provides the main findings of research into attitudes to data theft. It also includes some straightforward advice on reducing the risks to your organisation from data breach and theft by your employees.
This white paper aims to highlight and discuss the seven key problematic areas of good data governance, with particular emphasis on the Data Protection Act and Information Security.
Data governance is a suite of policies and strategies that ensure compliance, data security, data quality and IT assurance. It is also a process that has to be enacted in day-to-day business activities every time personal information or sensitive data is being handled.This white paper explains the context in which data governance solutions are now being adopted. It describes the challenges and requirements around information and IT assurance and offers a solution which is agile, flexible and scalable enough to meet this new demand.


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