Using our data scientists and technologies to boost marketing effectiveness

Berry Thompson was founded in 2014 with the clear objective of helping marketers become more effective in their planning, through the use of analytics and technology, across on-line and off-line channels. We undertake a wide range of insight and planning activities, of which the following are our key focus areas:

Optimising marketing resource allocation

Marketing resource allocation is the process of best deciding how to divide and spread your marketing budget across multiple alternative activities.

Our role is to derive performance metrics from your own on-line and off-line marketing history, and to load our budget allocation tool (BAT) for you to run forward looking scenarios.

Marketing planning with true customer insight

Every good marketing decision requires customer insight to support it. Most organisations have some of these tools but few are near to having the complete set.

Our contribution is to empower your marketers with the insight and tools they need for successful marketing planning.

Untangling the many strands in contact optimisation

Given the explosion in on-line and off-line communication channels , the growing significance of inbound conversations, and the need to target overall customer value growth, contact optimisation has become a tall order.

Our aim is to bring together insight and our own contact allocation tool (CAT), to deliver to your customer communications objectives, whilst optimising longer term ROI.

Reports & Whitepapers: 

A marketers guide to a modern single customer view

The imperative for a Single Customer View has come from companies and institutions trying to manage customer relations in an increasingly complex multi-channel environment.

Time to Take Control

There is no doubt that optimising marketing resource allocation is often a minefield for most CMOs, and their planning support team. This short paper describes the problem, and explains an approach that any company concerned about how they are spending their budget can adopt.



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