autoGraph® enables brands to build trust and deliver dynamic customer experiences through the User Generated Profile platform. User Generated Profiles are a patented technology that unlocks consumers’ motivations, desires and aspirations.  User Generated Profiles define new and unique audiences within a brand’s own customer base, and empower consumers to share latent and expressed preferences to brands to deliver emotional, hyper-personalised connections across all digital touch-points. autoGraph is the first to provide a patented technology to generate first party consumer permissions & consent that is in line with EU General Data Protection Regulations and US Federal Communications Commission. autoGraph serves it’s global client base across retail, media, telecommunications and financial services. 
autoGraph is based in Seattle, WA and London, and is venture capital-backed by Voyager Capital and Rally Capital.

Reports & Whitepapers: 

GDPR Impact Research Report 4 - Profiling

This whitepaper is the final report of a four-part series, and specifically focuses on how new rules and opportunities around profiling can be aligned with the data-literate individual’s expectations.



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Henry Lawson


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