Our mission is straightforward:
  1. To fully understanding the requirements of the role, going beyond the job spec and into the day to day practicalities of what's needed. 
  2. Understand the skills and needs of candidates to find people who are both capable of doing the role but also likely to fit into the Company's culture.
  3. To go far beyond just being a CV forwarding organisation: keeping candidates informed of latest trends/techniques via email and the website but also through analytical related events where they can learn more about prospective employers.
Analysis Recruitment is different from a lot of other recruitment consultancies in the sector in that its founder Dan Barnett has over 15 years experience in Database Marketing and Analytics.
We're also part of Analysis Marketing Ltd who provide Analytical and Data related services to a wide range of clients and sectors so as well as recruitment we are still at the coal face of analytics with an understanding of latest tools/techniques and market behaviour.
With Analysis Recruitment you are getting a far more tailored service of matching the right person to the right role rather than just playing a game of snap matching buzzwords on a CV to requirements in a job description.



Contact Name: 

Dan Barnett


01442 825582