2017 GDPR Impact Research Report - Protection

DataIQ undertook a twin-track research project to examine both sides of the data-value exchange between businesses and consumers in the light of the new GDPR obligations. Research has been carried out in two waves in 2016 and 2017 allowing for year-on-year comparisons. The project had three key objectives:
  • To understand the consumer perspective on  data collection, consent, context and control. 
  • To understand the business/marketer’s processes, opportunities and challenges in adjusting to the new Regulation. 
  • To identify any mis-alignments between the  two sides’ views of the data exchange and their  root causes.
This whitepaper is the first of four research reports from the 2017 series, and specifically focuses on the research segment conducted by DataIQ, in association with DQM GRC. It looks into the issue of how consumers expect their personal information to be protected and their experience of data losses, as well as what businesses can do to ensure they have data protection at the heart of their data strategies.

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