How we choose the DataIQ 100

The DataIQ 100 profiles the most important and influential people in data-driven businesses and the innovators who support them.

This year, DataIQ is making a clear distinction between practitioners working in great brands and end-user organisations - Data Titans - and those developing innovative solutions for business partners - Data Enablers.

Creating the final list for both is the result of extensive research by DataIQ, continuity from last year’s candidates and nominations made by members of our community.

To be considered in either category, we look for three factors.

Firstly, individuals need to be showing real leadership within their organisations, demonstrating the importance and value of data and analytics, either by taking it to the very top level (Data Titans) or by showing genuine impact on the way data and analytics are deployed by clients (Data Enablers). 

Secondly, engagement with the broader data and analytics industry is important. Whether that means being a member of an industry council, speaking at industry conferences or taking part in meet-ups, we believe that being visible shows confidence, commitment, status and influence.

Thirdly, we look for those who support DataIQ and our mission of advancing the profession of data and analytics.

The final list is chosen by DataIQ from an extensive consideration set - in 2018, over 450 candidates were discussed before the resulting 100 were selected. We also choose a Top Ten, ranked for their importance and influence over the preceding 12 months. 

Note: Apart from the Top Ten, all candidates are listed alphabetically by surname.