J Cromack

Co-founder and chief technology officer
J is co-founder and chief technology officer of MyLife Digital which has developed the Consentric SaaS platform. This enables organisations to rebalance control of the personal data they hold on a consumer by connecting them with data held, together with the purposes the data is being used and the value being generated from the data (for both the consumer and the organisation).
This connection can be at any point in the customer journey and is a core component needed to build trust and loyalty with the consumer, a vital component to deliver successful digital transformation and meet the new regulatory obligations.
J is an advocate of trusted data powering positive outcomes and a champion of the opportunities emerging from GDPR and the MyData movement. He has been in demand as a speaker on the subject thanks to his pragmatic approach to the new regulation and how organisations can embrace and grow trust through new citizen controlled data sharing ecosystems. J has been recognised in the UK as a Data Enabler in the DataIQ 100 2018.
J has a wealth of management experience gained from various leadership roles in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. As a business owner, he has sought to transform the marketing services sector and his entrepreneurial spirit remains at the heart of his approach. His rich understanding of the technology landscape, big data, analytics and data governance enables him to provide innovative solutions to marketing challenges and support the transformation of organisational performance.

Contributions by this author:

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