David Reed

Knowledge and strategy director

David has been part of the DataIQ since it launched in 2011. He is responsible for all editorial content and activity across the DataIQ site and also the membership service, DataIQ Leaders. In this role, he is also developing a best practice framework for data and analytics teams focused on their soft skills and stakeholder engagement.

David has a 30-year track record in journalism covering data and direct marketing in the UK. He was contributing editor to Precision Marketing from 1992 until its closure in 2009 and editor of Data Strategy from 2005 to 2010, following the evolution of data from direct marketing through CRM to its current status as a leading value-driver in business.

He is a lifetime Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and a member of the Direct Marketing Association's Roll of Honour. Previously, David was course editor for the IDM Award in Data Management and a member of the IDM Data Council.


  • “Developing a Business Case for Data Management” (course module for IDM Award in Data Management, 2011)
  • “Customer Communications Management: Profit Through Personalisation” (published 2006 in association with Pitney Bowes)
  • “Customer Communications Management: The New Focus” (published 2005 in association with Pitney Bowes)
  • “The Future of Direct Mail – strategic five-year forecasts” (published 2005 by PIRA)
  • “e-CRM: Customer Management Strategies for e-Business” (published 2001 by Business Intelligence)
  • “Developing and Implementing a CRM Strategy” (published 2000 by Business Intelligence)
  • “A Guide to Outsourcing Call Centres” (published 2000 by CallCraft)
  • “Call Centres - The Next Generation” (published 1999 by Informa)
  • “Measuring and Valuing Customer Relationships” (co-author with Bob Shaw, published 1999 by Business Intelligence)
  • “Market Research Strategies in Retail and FMCG” (published 1998 by Informa)

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