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Scratching beneath the surface of data headlines

 A press release landed on my desk on Tuesday with a bold claim. UK database analysts are earning less than half the salary of their peers across the pond.

Research from Redgate Software proclaimed that the average salary for a UK database administrator is $44,483, 47% of the average wage in the US of $94,176.

I thought, "that could be true. Everything is bigger is the States."

Graph of salary by country

I’ve been pwned so it's new passwords for the new year

Nearly one billion people had their data compromised in September. 925,633,824 data breaches and cyber-attacks to be precise, according to IT Governance. That is one seventh of the population of the entire world. At the end of December, I received confirmation that my personal identifiable information has also been accessed by nefarious individuals. In other words, I've been pwned. Here is how I handled it.

Finding my data rights

With legacy accounts as well as current accounts, it is easy for your banking data to be sitting in multiple different organisations. So just how easy is it to find out how those companies are using it? Toni Sekinah finds out.

The draft graph of a have-a-go data pro

Last month, we published my article about how a newly-qualified data scientist views his prospects (Incoming data talent: A student perspective). It received some feedback on Twitter. As well as hearing about the curriculum, one reader said it would also be beneficial to know about the cost to do a data science Masters course and where a prospective student could obtain funding.

The obstacles of securing a data job

There are some quirks of the hiring process that infuriate all job-seekers, regardless of the industry they aspire to work in. What about those looking to work in a data- or analytics-based role? Toni Sekinah spoke to one successful data job hunter about the obstacles in the way of getting their dream job.


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