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Apple chief executive Tim Cook has stepped up his call for the US to introduce GDPR-style legislation, arguing that American citizens should have the right to track the data that is being collected about them online and delete it if they want to.
Small businesses are proving far more successful than their larger counterparts in tackling the gender imbalance in the tech workforce, according to the inaugural benchmarking report from Government-backed initiative Tech Talent Charter.
Artificial intelligence and cloud services are the joint highest-ranking resources that British employees would most like to see in their daily working lives, with many predicting that these technologies would help them to improve productivity.
Business chiefs may have high expectations for artificial intelligence but only half of companies have policies in place to identify and address the ethical considerations of the technology.
The Geospatial Commission is to work with local authorities across the Midlands to build a new digital map which will identify the best investment and regeneration opportunities across the area.
London has been hailed as the most attractive destination for European technology investment, driven by backing for artificial intelligence and fintech ventures.

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With just 12 weeks to go until Brexit and the Government's plan being thrown out by Parliament, attention has turned to the potential impact of no deal on the digital industry. What is emerging is not reassuring for anybody working across ad tech or digital marketing - with the possible exception of Google. By David Reed
Michelle Wong has always been interested in numbers, so it is no surprise that she has ended up working in analytics at technology companies such as Expedia. Now at Farfetch, a luxury online fashion marketplace, Wong told Toni Sekinah what she thinks are the key attributes to being a good leader and what she does to refocus if her self-belief starts to falter.
One in four enterprises are at the stage of data and analytics maturity whereby, at the very least, they embed data and analytics into all businesses processes and decision making. This is one of the findings of a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study. Toni Sekinah reports.
Eduardo Anglada of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Space Astronomy Centre is currently working on the Gaia mission to map one billion objects in the Milky Way. Anglada and Jordi Calvera Sagué of InterSystems explained to Toni Sekinah how much data is involved in categorising a billion space objects, and the requirements of the technology that supports this extra-terrestrial task.
Data leader Natalie Jakomis finds the innovative nature of data and technology exciting, especially the fast rate of change and the opportunity to buld solutions that can revolutionise industries. She now works at GoCompare and told Toni Sekinah about some of the high points in her career so far and how she learnt to step into the limelight and celebrate her achievements.